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The Family Car is brought to you by the Car Seat Ladies from Child Seat Safety.

There are lots of excellent magazines, websites etc out there doing reviews on cars that have loads of useful and interesting information you need to consider when looking to buy a new car, but the one thing we always feel let down by is the small amount of print given to the needs of a growing family and the practicality of the car for them.

When your family starts to grow, many people look at changing their car as what had been a lovely fun car for perhaps just the two of you is now a nightmare with your new bundle of joy.  

“It happened to me when our family expanded from 5 to 6, I thought I could cope with my 2 door little sporty number but when the reality kicked in of how much stuff you need, (it had been a while and I’d completely forgotten) it had to go.” Claire – Co Founder of The Family Car and Child Seat Safety

Some people resort to a spreadsheet to weigh up the pros and cons, but you need to be able to find the practical information in an easy to understand way to start with.  So, The Family Car was born.

The Family Car website is where you can get an unbiased opinion on a selection of cars we regularly see used by parents and going forward hopefully on new models as they are released.  

We will use the same child car seats when reviewing the cars so it’s easier for you to compare, they are;

Silver Cross Dream,

Britax DualFix iSize,

Axkid Minikid,

Maxi Cosi Kore Pro.

Who are we and how do we know so much?

We set up Child Seat Safety over 10 years ago, to offer the only nationally recognised qualification in child car seats.  Our teams carry out over 2000 child car seat checks each year, where we check seats in lots of different cars and talk to parents about the issues they have.

Our years of experience in road safety education, training, publicity and collision investigations have led us to be trusted advisors to the car seat industry, TV, Local Government & emergency services.

We hope you find The Family Car a really helpful and useful website and please tell all your family and friends about it.

Best Wishes

Claire, Julie and Judy.

The Family Car team