Car seat assistance

How to get help with your car seat concerns

Always check your cars manual to see what advice it gives you on “child safety” There’s lots of very useful information about all the child friendly features as well as the safety information for travelling with your child in your car.

It’s worth remembering that the company who made your Childs car seat know it better than anyone. So Check with the car seat manufacturer first – click below on the customer service button to find the contact details for the main manufacturers.

If you bought the seat from a retailer, go back to the store and ask them for help.

Book a virtual car seat appointment with The Family Car 

Before you go to the trouble of arranging a virtual car seat appointment, please make sure you have tried all the checks we suggest above. Or check if you can pop along to a car seat check events for a free consultation

Good news – Some of your questions can be quickly answered by us, so you may not need an appointment. However if you do we are currently offering a special discount, so click on the tab and finally get the answers to those questions that have been bothering you!

Find an IOSH Child Seat Safety Awareness Advisor

There are car seat advisors the UK and abroad who can help you with your car seat issues. So, if you are travelling abroad and need advice on the rules and regulations or you’re in the UK and just want some assistance, click here