VW ID3 Pro – 2021

What we love

  • The capacity of this car is excellent
  • Its sci-fi appearance and pilot arm rests fo r the front seat passengers
  • Great seatbelt lengths – ideal for larger car seats
  • There is good leg room in the rear seats for older children and adults

Room for improvement

  • The on board computer needed a lot of patience to navigate
  • Not bigger enough for 3 child seats in the rear
  • The strange position of the “gears”

An electric car with family features for a safer and more environmentally friendly journey

Boot Size

For a smaller electric vehicle the boot isa decent size and was able to easily fit the travel system and  trunki with  room to spare the parcel shelf is a solid shelf but is  removable and can be easily lifted out.

The rear seats can be dropped, giving you additional emergency storage space.

The boot has handy hooks on the left and right hand side for hanging luggage or shopping bags from which ensures your belongings won’t topple over.


 Although the car is compact, it does  have a central console storage and cup holders in the front. Along with  a small but strange pocket in the front – which feels like its only there because no one knew what to do with the gap.

It’s disappointing that there are no pockets in the rear seats as this would be a good addition for a family.


Even though the car runs off electric, the amount of interior lighting is good , you’d think it would try and conserve some of that for the engine!

There are map lights for the front passenger and rear overhead lights for the back seats.

The boot benefits from a small courtesy light on the left hand side – so be prepared to use your phone torch to see anything on the right.

The ID 3 conserves its energy by only lighting up the dashboard when a person is sat in the drivers seat, which is clever! and the Guide me home lights can be adjusteds via the onboard computer to stay on for up to 30 seconds to suit your requirement.



The child locks located in the rear door frames, are simple to use with the vehicle key by turning in the direction indicated.

The doors and boot, of this vehicle are unlocked by the use of a fob but are not automatic opening and closing


The windows are electrically operated on each door or by main control on the drivers door which also has a lock facility.

The rear windows open fully but they will stop if there is an obstruction when closing.


Noise & Visuals

 The one thing this car has in abundance is sound. But don’t worry you can use the on board computer just like your mobile phone and choose the level and sounds you would prefer. It wasn’t the easiest of features to adjust, because it is hidden in the depths of the compute, we soon learnt to use the search option to make things a lot easier.


The air bag warning light is above the rear view mirror, so it’s visible when driving.

The seatbelt warnings  are the clearest we’ve seen in a car in a long time and if you don’t close either the front or rear doors fully, the dash board alerts you to this with lights and sound ( again you can choose your warning sound)



The electric theme is evident in the chargers – with 4 USBC points ( 2 in the front and 2 in the rear)  Although not everyone uses a USBC to charge or use their tech, so you may need to purchase enough adaptors to deal with this.


The phone charger is wireless – but only if your phone has also got this feature.  The phone pocket is cleverly designed to hold the phone securely in place and not be a distraction to the driver.






There is a 12 Volt power outlet in the boot.

The media touch screen is a good size with all the features of a smart phone, including the ability to surf the web.


Bluetooth is easily operated through the media screen


Fitting Child Seats in this car


The rear doors are a good size  and open wide so it was easy to get the child seats in and out.

The vehicle seats are angled so the rear facing infant carrier was slightly upright.

The buckles are embedded into the seat cushion, so there’s no worries regarding buckle crunch. The ISOFix points are very clearly labelled easily accessible and have a removable cover.

When fitting a high back booster at its highest level, the head restraints of the vehicle needed removing. this is not difficult to do.

A high back booster could be fully extended and had plenty of headroom.

The anchor/ tether points are situated on the back of the vehicle seats and easily accessible and clearly labelled..


With the drivers or passenger seat pushed right back there was still good leg room for older children or  adult passengers. However, when a larger rear facing seat is fitted in the rear there isn’t a lot of leg room in the front seat


We couldn’t fit 3 seats in the rear, and with two seats in the back the space centre seat gap wasn’t big for a passenger who doesn’t need a child seat.



The back seat allows for two ISOFixed seats, with easily accessible tether points located on the back of the seats which you need to access through the boot.

The front seat had ISOFix and tether points as well


The ID3 is I-Size compatible in all 3 of these seats.



Belt Fitment

Seatbelt lengths were surprisingly good, making fitting a child seat simple.



The handbook is located on the computer and is  comprehensive once you can find what you need to know!


The manual recommends that the airbag is on in the front when you transport a child forward facing in a group 1/2and 3 seat regardless of it being ISOFix air belted.


VW ID3 Pro – 2021

An electric car with family features for a safer and more environmentally friendly journey