Skoda Octavia 2016

What we love

  • The capacity of this car is excellent.
  • The glove box is temperature controlled
  • The boot is 60:40 and there is a car release lever in the boot which is easily accessible.
  • There is a lot of leg room in the rear seats for older children and adults.
  • The car has magic windows!

Room for improvement

  • The cup holders in the back seat are located in the centre arm rest, which aren’t accessible when transporting a third passenger in the centre or if you have larger child seats.
  • The rear head restraints aren’t quick or easy to remove, so could be annoying if you need to frequently move child seats so you can transport adult passengers.

This is a large 5 seater Estate car

Boot Size

The boot on this vehicle measured:

Width: 95cm (side to side at narrowest point)

Length: 18.5cm (front of boot to back of rear seats)

Height: 41.5cm (floor of boot to parcel shelf)

The boot is very spacious and was able to easily fit the travel system and two trunkies with plenty of room to spare the parcel shelf is removable and can be easily retracted and lifted out.

You can access the boot from between the rear side seats.


The boot has handy hooks on the left and right hand side for hanging luggage or shopping bags from which ensures your belongings won’t topple over.



This car is stacked with storage with 6 cup holders, 3 in the centre console and 3 in a pull down arm rest in the back.

The centre console is between the front seats and goes all the way to the front console it contains a storage box and the top compartment moves forward to act as an armrest.

The temperature controlled glove box is not lockable but inside you will find the airbag switch and a CD loader.

This vehicle has door pockets on all four doors in which a drinks bottle will easily fit. An iPad/ tablet would only fit in the front door pockets but there is the added extra of a hidden  storage drawer under the front passenger seat.

On the back of the front seats there are deep pockets which are excellent for holding a road map or other books. They also are made of a solid fabric which means objects aren’t visible from outside the car.


This vehicle has lights that remain on once the vehicle has been locked for a set amount of time. As well as internal lights or map lights in the front and the rear of the vehicle that come on when the doors are open and they also work independently of each other.

The boot is well let with lights on both sides.


The child locks located in the rear door frames, are simple to use with the vehicle key by turning in the direction indicated.

The doors and boot, of this vehicle are unlocked by the use of a fob, and the boot can also be opened by pressing a switch in the cockpit. The boot has push button closure, with a automatic stop if someone steps into its closing space..


The windows are electrically operated on each door or by main control on the drivers door which also has a lock facility.

The rear windows can be opened fully but they will stop if there is an obstruction when closing. They can be partially locked open.

The car also benefits sunroof slides back and tilts and has a sliding screen.

Its possible to open all the windows on approach to the locked car by using the fob – simply press to unlock and keep your finger on it for at least 5 seconds….-Magic windows!


Noise & Visuals

Car stereos volume can be altered between front and rear.

The sat NAV volume can be adjusted or muted.

The airbag audible alarm can be turned off following guidance in the manual.

The seat belt warning is both audible and visual and can be stopped only by clicking in the thief out.

The warnings for the door and boot being open only visual, as are the engine warning lights.

If lights are left on when exiting the vehicle there is both inaudible and a visual alarm and they can only be stopped by turning the lights off.

The cold weather warning and collision warning alarms are both audible and visual and cannot be turned off.


There is one USB point and one a Aux port in the front dashboard

There is a 12 Volt power outlet in both the central  console and the boot.

The media screen is quite small but it does have a sat NAV which can be set for a driver view from the steering wheel.

Bluetooth is easily operated through the media screen and the car benefits from a CD player


Fitting Child Seats in this car

The back seat allows for three car seats to be fitted although the centre does not have any ISOFix points and as such needs to be belted, we were easily able to fit an infant carrier and two high back boosters in the rear seat.

The doors are big and open wide so it was easy to get the child seats in and out of the vehicle.

The airbag can be deactivated in this vehicle and is done by inserting a key into the airbag deactivation switch inside the glove box and turning it to the off position. When you put the key in the ignition a warning lamp will be illuminated to show the airbag has been disabled.

The vehicle seats were flat so the rear facing infant carrier was able to achieve a good angle for a young baby. The buckles are embedded into the seat cushion, so there’s no worries regarding buckle crunch. The ISOFix points are clearly labelled easily accessible and have a removable cover.

When fitting a high back booster at its highest level, the head restraints of the vehicle needed removing. this is not difficult,  however a screwdriver or similar object is needed to push into the securing button whilst pressing the locking button the instructions on how to do this are very clear in the manual. Once removed the high back booster could be fully extended and had plenty of headroom.

The anchor/ tether points are situated on the back of the vehicle seats and easily accessible and clearly labelled.

The seat belts in this car are long and we had no problem fitting the silver cross dream rear facing infant seat however the middle seat belt was slightly shorter than the outboard seat belts.

With the drivers or passenger seat pushed right back there was still good leg room for rare adult passengers.


The back seat allows for two ISOFixed seats  but none in the centre rear or front passenger seats.



The handbook is extremely comprehensive and details everything including the correct positioning of the vehicle seats when using child seats on them. It also advises that children can be put in the front seat forward facing with the airbag on, however it’s important to follow the  instructions provided in the handbook regarding positioning.


Skoda Octavia 2016

This is a large 5 seater Estate car