Nissan X-Trail 2018

What we love

Blind Spot Sensors: We really liked the blind spot sensors and think these are a great safety feature

Space: There was a lot of space in this car, so you can easily pack in everything that kids seem to need

Room for improvement

No middle seat use for child seats: This vehicle does not allow child seats to be fitted in the middle seat

Hands Free Boot: Although a hands free boot is great to get things in and out easily, the persistent warning that it is opening could easily wake a sleeping baby

Large, family vehicle, watch out if you’re transporting more than 3 children!

Boot Size

This vehicle had stacks of room in the boot, and easily fit our large travel system in with room to spare.

The boot dimensions are:

Width: 110 cm (side to side at narrowest point)

Length: 85 cm (front to back of rear vehicle seats)

Height: 40 cm (floor of boot to bottom of parcel shelf)

The parcel shelf is removable, and can be easily retracted and lifted out.


This large family car is not short on storage space, with fabric map pockets on the back of the front seats for storing essentials, roomy door bins for drinks and snacks, and plenty of cup holders to keep refreshments within reach.

There is space to keep a pair of sunglasses, and the glove box is easily accessible, although it cannot be locked.


We really like the exterior lighting on this car, which ensures you can easily get to your destination.  The guide me home lights can be set from the infotainment system, and the length of time the headlights remain on can be adjusted.  There are also puddle lights on the bottom of the wing mirrors, which go off shortly after locking the car.

The headlights also have an automatic setting, which turns the headlights onto the necessary setting dependent on the lighting outside.

Internally, there are map lights in both the front and the rear, and console lights which can be set to on, off or to come on when the doors are opened.  There is also a light in the boot, which comes on automatically.



The child locks in this vehicle are in the rear passenger doors, and are operated by moving a pin across to the locked position.

This vehicle had keyless entry, and the key comes with a special pouch to store it in so it cannot be activated accidentally.  The boot is hands free, and can be operated from the key fob, a button on the dash, or by a button on the boot itself.


The windows in the vehicle are all electric, and can be locked and operated from the drivers seat.  The rear windows open 3/4 of the way, and they will stop if there is an obstruction when closing – keeping little fingers safe!

The windows are tinted as standard in the rear of the vehicle.

Noise & Visuals

The airbag deactivation switch is located in the glove compartment and is operated by inserting the vehicle key and turning it to the off position.  There is then a light on the dashboard which is illuminated to show the airbag is deactivated.

The seat belt warning on this car only chimes if the vehicle begins to move.  There are also audible warnings for the ABS system, ice and speed.  The wing mirrors on this car also have sensors to tell you if another vehicle is in your blind spot, and a warning light appears on the mirror.  If you then try to move lanes when the light is active, you will receive an audible warning.

There is a button on the dashboard to open the boot, however when the boot is opened remotely, it has an audible warning, which could wake a sleeping little one.


In the front of this vehicle there is a USB port, AUX point and 12v charger point.  The vehicle also has a full infotainment system as standard that you are able to connect your Bluetooth device or mobile phone to.  The infotainment system includes a sat nav, and all the settings for the vehicle.  You can adjust the volume between the front and rear of the vehicle, and also choose the volume music begins at when the vehicle is turned on – so if you had music louder then usual on your last journey, you won’t be surprised the next time you get in the car!

There were no 12v charger points in the rear of the vehicle.

This vehicle also has a function where it will parallel or reverse park itself – it also has parking cameras.

Finally, this vehicle has blind spot sensors, where the car detects another vehicle in your blind spot, and a warning light comes on.  If you then attempt to pull out, the warning will give an audible alarm.


Fitting Child Seats in this car

WARNING:  The vehicle seat belts sit quite far forward and this could cause some issues with forward facing belt fitted child seats, so we recommend always getting professional child seat advice prior to purchase.

These was plenty of room for fitting child seats into this car, and the vehicle has ISOFix and top tether points.

The vehicle handbook was very clear about what seating positions are suitable with child seats:

Rear outer seats: You may fit child seats in this seating position

Centre seat middle row: Child seats not allowed

3rd Row: Child seats not allowed

As the vehicle handbook does not allow child seats in the middle seating position, you cannot fit 3 seats across the back of this car.

The rear seats slide in this car, and when fitting child seats, the middle row must be in the furthest back position.

ISOFix Fitment:

The ISOFix points in this car are between the vehicle seat cushions, however they are very easily accessible and fitted the Britax Dualfix rotating car seat with ease.

This car has regular ISOFix, which isn’t iSize approved.  However you can still use any ISOFix seat in this car, but you must check the child seat manufacturers fitting list.

The Top Tether points are situated on the back of the vehicle seats and are easily accessible and clearly labelled.

There are no underfloor storage compartments in this car, although you should always check the child seat manufacturers vehicle compatibility list.

Seat Belt Fitment:

The seat belts in this car are long and we had no problems fitting our Silver Cross Dream rear facing infant seat.

We were also able to fit our Axkid Minikid in with ease, and there was plenty of room to accommodate this seat.

The vehicle seats were fairly flat, so a rear facing seat should be able to achieve a good angle for a young baby to sleep comfortably.

High Back Boosters

We could fully extend our Maxi Cosi high back booster, with plenty of head room which measures approximately 94cm in the rear of the car, and 100cm in the front of the car.  However, our Maxi Cosi Kore Pro is not approved for use in this vehicle, so we are unable to show any images of the seat in situ.

The headrests in this car were easy to remove, there are two buttons to press either side of the ‘prongs’, and the headrest will lift straight out.



Nissan X-Trail 2018

Large, family vehicle, watch out if you’re transporting more than 3 children!