Ford Mondeo 2009

What we love

Boot Size:  The boot of this vehicle had a huge amount of room

Child Seat Compatibility: There shouldn’t be any issues with fitting a wide variety of seats in this vehicle

Room for improvement

Audible Warnings:  Although these are a good thing, the chime is quite loud and repetitive which could wake a sleeping child

Great boot space and good for a wide range of child seats.

Boot Size

The boot size on this vehicle is excellent, and it fit our large travel system with stacks of room to spare.

The boot meaures:

Width: 110cm (side to side at narrowest point)

Length: 114cm (from back of rear passenger seats to front of boot)

Height: 51cm (floor to parcel shelf)

The parcel shelf can be easily removed by unhooking the two strings which hold it up, and it then easily lifts out of the boot.


The Ford Mondeo that we reviewed had two accessible cup holders, situated between the driver and passenger seats in the centre console.

The glove box is large and deep, although it cannot be locked.  It will easily store a few essentials alongside the vehicle handbook.

The doors of the vehicles all have storage bins, which are large enough to store snacks and drinks.


We really liked that this car has ‘guide me home’ lights.  By following the instructions in the vehicle manual, you can set the headlights to stay on for 3 minutes after you have turned the vehicle off, giving you enough light to get from your car to destination.

The centre console in both the front and rear of the vehicle has map lights for both passengers and driver.  There is also a central light which can be set to on, off or to come on when the doors are opened.  The lights are operated manually on each console, if you have a little one asleep in the back, you may need to turn the centre light to off so it doesn’t disturb their nap.

Finally, there is a light in the boot, which is on when the boot is opened and only turns off when you close the boot.


The child locks are operated by inserting the vehicle key into a white button, and turning it in the direction of the arrow.  The child locks are on the rear passenger doors only.

The model that we reviewed had a push button fob to open the doors, however keyless entry was an optional extra so some models may have this feature.

This model did not have a hands free boot.


The windows in the front of the vehicle open fully, however the rear windows only open 3/4 of the way.  There is also a safety mechanism that stops little fingers getting trapped, where the window will stop rising if it encounters an obstacle.  Be aware that this can be overridden by operating the window switch to open the window 3 times.

The windows can be locked from the drivers seat by pushing a button.


This vehicle did not have tinted windows.

Noise & Visuals

Airbags:  This vehicle does not have the option to disable the airbag, although some later models may have.  If the vehicle does have it, the deactivation switch is in the glove compartment, and the light to show it is off is located on the dashboard.

There are various audible warnings on this vehicle, which could wake a sleeping little one.  The vehicle will alert you if the ignition is on and you don’t have your seat belt on, if there is a risk of ice, if your fuel is dropping too low, and if you have left your headlights on.  You can easily disable these warnings individually of each other.

This vehicle also has parking sensors which come as standard.


There are various 12v points in this vehicle, one in the front, one in the rear and one in the boot.  There is also a USB point in the front of the vehicle, along with an AUX point.

This model comes with a media screen and sat nav as standard, and you can use this to enter the system settings, such as turning off different warnings or altering the stereo sound.

You can adjust the sound between the front and rear of the vehicle, so you don’t have to enjoy Wheels on the Bus for the hundredth time!

Fitting Child Seats in this car

This vehicle is very accessible for fitting a wide number of child seats – the buckles are low down in the seat and shouldn’t cause an issue if you are using a child seat fitted with the seat belt.  There was also plenty of length in the seat belt and we had no trouble fitting the infant seat.

The ISOFix in this vehicle is buried in between the vehicle seat cushions, which makes them difficult to access.  If you wish to use an ISOFix seat, we recommend utilising the spacer guides which come with your child seat, as this will make attaching the ISOFix much easier.

The top tether points are located on the sides of the boot, near the the back of the vehicle seats.

The base of the Mondeo’s seats are angled steeply, which could cause a newborn to be sat too upright – it is important to check seats in your vehicle before you buy to ensure they will fit the car and child correctly.

There is plenty of space to fit extended rear facing child seats, when we fitted the Axkid Minikid it allowed 85cm of space for the front passenger – our reviewer is 5’3” and had plenty of room in the front.

The rear of the vehicle offers plenty of headroom and there should be no issues with using a high back booster right up to the full extension.  The Maxi Cosi Kore Pro which is used in this review can accommodate a child to 150cm and we were able to fully extend it.

Some child seats require the vehicle headrest to be removed to obtain a safe fit.  To remove the headrest the backrest of the vehicle seat needs to tip forward, and the headrest is removed by pressing in two buttons either side of the headrest and pull upwards.

Ford Mondeo 2009

Great boot space and good for a wide range of child seats.