VW Golf Plus 2006

What we love

Airbag Deactivation: The car we reviewed is almost 15 years old, and it is quite unusual to find an airbag deactivation switch.  We love that it was easy to use and the warning light is very visible



Room for improvement

Child Seat Compatibility: This car isn’t great for fitting child seats.  The ISOFix is difficult to access and the top tethers are very poorly located.  The seats are very sloped in this model, which would make it tricky to transport  a newborn  in a rear facing infant carrier at a safe angle

A larger version of the ever popular VW Golf with adaptable boot space.

Boot Size

The boot was a good size, and we were able to fit our travel system in along with a few bags of shopping, although we did need to remove a wheel on the travel system.  This vehicle had a tray in place to make the boot level with the opening, however you could remove this to have a deeper space.

The boot dimensions are:

Width: 105 cm (side to side at narrowest point, with boot tray in place)

Length: 70cm (front of boot to back of rear vehicle seats, which were in the rear most position.  Approx. 10cm is gained if the seats are moved forward)

Height: 40cm (floor to parcel shelf, with floor tray in place)

The parcel shelf is solid, and very easy to lift out if required.


The VW Golf Plus is a slightly larger version of the regular VW Golf – the seats are higher up and the rear seats can be moved forward and back – handy for gaining extra boot space!

Storage space wasn’t lacking in this car, with roomy door bins, a good size glove box, and map pockets on the back of the front seats that would comfortably fit a couple of nappies and packet of wipes.

There were two cup holders in the front of the car, along with handy trays for bits that need to be close at hand.  There were also two cup holders in the rear, which were in the centre console of the middle seat.

There was also a glasses case in the roof console, to keep your sunglasses or spare driving glasses.


There wasn’t much in the way of external lighting on this car, although it does have a ‘guide me home’ light feature, where the headlights stay on for a few minutes after you turn the car off.  The headlights also have an automatic setting, and will come on depending on the outside visibility.

Internally, there is a map light for both front passenger and driver, along with a central light which can be set to on/off or when the doors are opened.  There is also this combination of lights available in the rear of the car for rear passengers.  There is a light in the boot, and this comes on automatically when the boot is opened.


The child locks in this car are on the rear passenger doors only, and are operated by inserting the vehicle key and turning to the lock position.

The key is a push button fob, and there is no keyless entry option.  The doors of the car can be locked from the inside, and this can also be set to lock automatically once the car is in motion.

There is no hands free boot option.


The windows in this car are all electric, and can be locked from the drivers seat.  The rear windows open 3/4 of the way, and have a safety mechanism where they stop moving if there is an obstruction – keeping wandering little hands safe!

There were no tints on the windows in the car.

Noise & Visuals

There is the option to disable the airbag in this car, and this is done by inserting the vehicle key into the airbag switch, which is just inside the front passenger door.  There is then a visible warning on the dashboard which remains lit, to tell you the airbag is disabled.

There are also warnings for ice, seat belts and if a door is left open.  The warning is quite loud, and the seat belt and door warning is continuous, which could wake a sleeping little one.  We searched through the vehicle manual and vehicle settings, and could not find a way to disable the warnings.

If you lock the doors internally using the door lock switch from the drivers seat, the doors lock with a very audible clunk, which could also startle a little one.


This car was quite thin on the ground for technology, and only had one 12v point in the front of the car, and a 12v point in the boot.  There was a CD player, but no way to connect a phone of music device.  There is no sat nav as standard on this model of the Golf Plus, and no parking sensors.

Fitting Child Seats in this car

This vehicle states that you can use the front seat, outer seats and middle seat for child car seats.  There are ISOFix points on the two rear passenger seats, and the car comes equipped with top tether points.  We couldn’t fit three across with our combination of seats, but this may be achievable with a range of slim seats.

The seats are very sloped with this car, so you may have issues with head flop for rear facing children – indeed this is something the owner of the vehicle had experienced often, even with seats that have an excellent recline.


This car does have ISOFix, however it is deeply buried in the vehicle seat cushion, which makes it extremely difficult to access – using the ISOFix guides which come with your car seat are a must.  As the ISOFix is so deep in the seats, it only makes the slope of the vehicle seats more prominent – when using a rear facing seat, you may find that a better angle can be obtained by using a belt fit child seat instead.

There are top tether points, however these are located underneath the floor tray, so you must remove and store the floor tray to use the top tether points.  The position of the points also cause the top tether strap to come across the boot, which presents a hazard as any items under the strap could affect the tether in an impact.  We do not recommend having any item under the top tether strap, which would render most of the boot in this car dead space.

There are no floor boxes in this car, however the seats are very high.  We had difficulty fitting our ISOFIX base for the infant seat and the leg was not long enough to reach the floor.  If you have this car and wish to use ISOFIX, it is very important to ensure your child seat is on the child seat manufacturers vehicle list.

Seat Belt Fitment

There was plenty of seat belt to fit our Silver Cross Dream infant seat, and the seat belt buckles are low down in the vehicle seat, so there should be little risk of buckle crunch.

However, the seat belt anchorage on the outside of the car is further forward than we usually see, which may present issues  for fitting forward facing child seats.  If the seat belt anchorage point is too far forward, it cannot pull the child seat back tightly, and as such, the child seat will wobble when fitted.

We were able to fit our Axkid Minikid with ease, and were able to be thread the rear tethers under the front seat rails.


High Back Boosters

We were able to fit the high back booster in with plenty of space to extend the headrest fully.  There is approximately 100cm of space from the vehicle seat to the roof of the vehicle, allowing full use of high back boosters.

The head rests were easy to remove, although the vehicle seat did need tilting forward slightly.  There is a button on the bottom of the headrest ‘prong’, and when pressed, the headrest can be removed.

VW Golf Plus 2006

A larger version of the ever popular VW Golf with adaptable boot space.