Vauxhall Zafira 2013

What we love

Space for Child Seats:  There is plenty of room in this car, so it should be easy to fit seats and to get your little one in and out of the wide doors

Large Boot: The boot was very generous and you shouldn’t have much trouble carrying around all the things kids come with

Room for improvement

Long Seat Belt Buckles: The seat belt buckles in the rear stick out the seats, which may cause buckle crunch on some child seats – always get your seat checked in your car to ensure it is compatible

Airbag Deactivation: There was no way to deactivate the airbag on this model, and as such no children are allowed in the front.  As many people wouldn’t know to check their vehicle handbook before putting a child in the front, especially older children, this presents a risk

Very spacious and accessible for getting children and seats in and out.

Boot Size

The boot size on the Vauxhall Zafira is extremely generous, and fit our large travel system in easily, with room for shopping.

The boot measures:

Width: 106cm (side to side at narrowest point)

Length: 99cm (front to back)

Height: 50cm (floor to parcel shelf)

The parcel shelf is flexible and easy to remove.


This Vauxhall Zafira has lots of handy storage pockets to stash essentials – the door bins in both the front and rear are generously sized and will hold a bottle of water along with travel essentials.  The map pockets on the back of the front seats are fabric and will contain a couple of nappies and packet of wipes easily.  The glove compartment is spacious and has enough room for the vehicle manual, as well as an iPad/tablet.

There are plenty of cup holders in addition to the space in the door bins.  There is a single cup holder in the front console, two cup holders if the rear middle seat back is folded down, and two cup holders in the back for the 3rd row passengers.


This car has guide me home lights, with full instructions on how to activate these in the vehicle manual.  The headlights can be set to remain on for a period of time after you have turned the vehicle ignition off, so you can see your way to your destination.  There are no other exterior lights.

Inside the cab, there are map lights for the front passengers, as well as a central light which can be set to on, off or to come on when the doors are opened.

There are also map lights for the rear passengers, as well as the passengers in the 3rd row, which also serves as a boot light when the 3rd row seats are not in use.


There are child locks in the rear doors only, which are activated by inserting the vehicle key and turning in the indicated direction.

This vehicle uses a push button fob, and did not have keyless entry, although this is an option on some models.  The boot was also opened manually, and did not have a hands free option.


The windows in the front of the car are electric, and in the rear they are manual.  Manual windows were not lockable from the front seat, however some models of this vehicle will have electric windows in the front and the rear, and you can then lock the rear windows from the drivers seat.

The windows wind down fully in the front, and 3/4 in the rear.  They were not tinted on the model we reviewed.

Noise & Visuals

This particular model had no airbag deactivation switch and as such child seats were not approved in the front seat.  On other models, only Vauxhall seats which utilise transponders are approved.  This sends a signal to the airbag system to deactivate, which is shown by a light on the dashboard.

This vehicle has the usual warnings for not wearing your seat belt, ice warnings and if a door is open.  The warnings on the vehicle can be disabled if required.


This model of Zafira was quite light on 12v charger points and USB points, with a single 12v point in the front, and one in the rear.

There are parking sensors on both the front and rear of the car, which is audible only.  When reversing the sensors activate automatically, but if moving forward, you need to push a button on the dashboard to activate the sensors.  You can also press the same button to deactivate the sensors if you don’t wish to use them.

This model didn’t have a sat nav built in, but had a CD player and AUX point to attach a music player or phone.

You are able to alter the radio volume between the front and rear of the vehicles, with some models able to play different music between the front and rear (story time for the little ones, and grown up music for the adults!)

Fitting Child Seats in this car

There is plenty of space in this car for fitting child seats,

On this model:

Front Seat: Child seats are not approved.

Rear outer seats: Child seats are approved, either belt fit, or ISOFix.  Top Tether points available.

Rear middle seat: Seat belt fit child seats only (some models do not allow child seats in the middle).

3rd Row seats: Forward facing car seats only.


ISOFix Fitment:

ISOFix child seats can be used on the outer rear passenger seats, there are no under-floor storage compartments in this vehicle, and the top tether point is on the back of the vehicle seat.

The ISOFix points are in between the seat cushions, but are very easily accessible.  We had no problem fitting any of our ISOFix seats..


Seatbelt Fitment:

We had no problems with the length of the seat belt, however there is a plastic button in the lower part of the seat belt which prevents the buckle dropping too low.  This may be problematic when fitting some child seats as the button could impede a seat belt lock.

We also found the seat belt buckle stalks to be long, and on some child restraints this may lead to buckle crunch.

Although the middle row accommodated child seats in each position, it would be a struggle to fit 3 seats across the back, although this could be achieved depending on the type of seats you require and how slim they are.

High Back Boosters:

We had no problem fitting our Maxi Cosi high back booster, and there was plenty of room to increase the headrest height.  There is approximately 105cm of space from the vehicle seat to the roof for 2nd row passengers.

The vehicle headrests are easily removable, although you need use two hands to press two buttons to release it.

The 3rd row seats accept forward facing car seats, and are accessed by tilting the outer 2nd row seat forward.



Vauxhall Zafira 2013

Very spacious and accessible for getting children and seats in and out.